Image Consultant

Would you like to find your ideal image through style and color?
Ever wonder if your wardrobe fits your personality and lifestyle?  Does shopping for clothes take too much time?
Isn't is frustrating when you can't find your style, color and size at the right price?
If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then image consulting can help you. Here's a description of my services:

Wardrobe Services

  • Discover your personal style, color and fabric
  • Create a style designed individually for you based on your lifestyle, sex , body type, structure and color season
  • Save time by keeping focused and efficient during you shopping session
  • Benefit from my discounts at selected stores and my knowledge on the lastest fashions
  • Learn how to avoid impulse buying and sales pressure
  • Learn how to dress effectively for professional or social events
  • Select the appropriate wardrobe for wedding parties
  • Learn how to dress to create the desired mood for romance or other occasions

Image recommendations

  • Hair Style
  • Makeup
  • Eyeglass/Sunglass frames
  • Perfume/Cologne

Social Reminders and Gift Shopping

  • For a one time fee, I'll remind you of all your important business or personal dates (Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, etc.)
  • If desired, I'll select the appropriate gift

Closet Organization

  • Organize your clothes into appropriate groups
  • Provide a chart of all matching combinations
  • Closet organized with all suitable clothing combinations identified
  • Design a clothing purchased plan to make the most out of your current wardrobe and your future wardrobe needs
  • Keep detailed records of what you have and what you need, so future purchases are minimized

Gift certificates available!



Azita helped me revamp my wardrobe, which was ailing from "engineer's disease." Her skills with style, color, and the concept of a desired image to project guided us through the process. After setting the budget, we were off to the shops. I hadn't realized that before we met at the shops, she had already been there, and picked out several items for me to consider, which were set aside on my personal rack. All I had to do was show up, pick the items from my rack that I liked, try them on, and give her the thumbs up or down. I handed her my credit card while I was getting dressed, and all I had to do on the way out was sign and go to the next shop. No waiting in line, no dealing with sales people, no trouble finding my sizes -- it was all good. In a matter of a few hours, we were done.

Most of her fee was paid for by the discounts she was able to arrange as a personal shopper / image consultant. I'd recommend her services to anyone who wants to redo their wardrobe!

- Russell Byrne